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German precision engineering

Since their humble beginnings  in Nuremberg, Germany back in 1886, Sachs Bikes has been the brand behind many cutting edge designs establishing themselves as a market leader for both scooters and commuter motorcycles.
From the modern free thinking Madass through to the stylish Amici, the Sachs range is guaranteed to have you turning heads! Value commuting in unparalleled style is the driving factor behind the success of the Sachs brand.  
And it’s not only innovation that makes Sachs such a great brand – all Sachs Bikes are manufactured to the highest of quality standards and are proudly distributed in Australia by Mojo Motorcycles Pty Ltd  being supported by a nationwide dealer network.

Sachs ist gut.

Madass Trippers
September 07, 2011
Madass2.jpgCooktown to the top of Queensland on a total of 28 Sachs Madass scooters. Not something you see everyday of the week.
Sydney prepares for Scooter Expo
July 29, 2011
LowResExpo.jpgThe Sydney Scooter Expo is coming soon, this year it's being run in conjunction with the National Scooter Rally.
New online home for Queensland dealer
June 22, 2011
sprite.jpgScoot2Commute, a leading retailer of scooters and commuter motorcycles in Queensland, launched a brand new customer-focused, interactive website this month.
Safe Routes Scooter Rally
June 20, 2011
536322-2011-vacc-safe-routes-scooter-rally-launch.11.jpgVictorian scooterists take note - the sixth annual Safe Routes Scooter Rally will take place on Sunday November 13 at Luna Park.
Sachs Bikes launch new learner legal motorcycle; the X-Road 250cc
January 14, 2011
mojomotorbike.jpgSachs Bikes, the German motorcycle and scooter manufacturer, have recently launched their new learner legal commuter motorcycle the 250cc X-Road.
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